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AFRICAO Trading SA is a commodity trading and sourcing company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Mainly trading cocoa, coffee and cashew, we aim to serve as a trading, logistics, distribution and supply chain management company with focused on originating high quality and/ or certified commodities from African origins such as Ivory Coast, Cameroun, Togo.

We are not only “FOB buyers” of a product. Our goal is to service local entrepreneurs by helping them to improve all aspects of marketing and exporting their production.

We develop long term relationships with a few first-class producers. We act as their commercial representative agent on the international market. We have exclusive long-term agreements with our suppliers who became, over the years, more partners than suppliers.

We use our logistic, marketing and financial expertise to supply our local partners with a full range of services including technical visits of the factories with the mains clients, proposing and organizing local logistical solutions, administrative and financial procedures.
Our main purpose is to improve the quality and the efficiency of the export process by working together with the local teams.

On the marketing side, we want to develop long term strategies in order to meet specific demands and therefore obtain a better value for the products of our suppliers.

Our daily presence on the international market enables us to share and offer a complete and transparent information service to our local suppliers.

Africao guarantees to its clients a safe and efficient execution of the contract and the products deliveries. Comprehensive knowledge of our supplier’s organizations and the difficult environment in which they have to operate, allows us to anticipate and better organize the administrative and logistical aspects of the export of the goods to the international market.

We therefore want to develop, together with our customers, the same long term view we share with our suppliers in order to continuously obtain their feedback on our products, and to keep improving the quality of the production a well as the lives of those who produce it.







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Africao Trading S.A. / Route de Chancy, 28 / 1213 Petit-Lancy / Switzerland / T +41 22 552 41 00 / F +41 22 552 41 01 / info@africao.ch